Demos and Videos

From learning the steps of Staying Alive to actually practicing on a hot bod, the videos below will help teach you Hands-Only™ CPR—and let you have a little fun, too.
Watch Hands-Only CPR in Action

HOCPR in Action Image

Learn why it’s important to act quickly and the
two easy steps to saving a life in the event of an emergency.
A Modern Woman Struts Her Stuff

jennifer coolidge video

Jennifer Coolidge definitely knows the steps to saving a life with Hands-Only CPR…if only people would stop interrupting her.

Staying Alive With Ken Jeong

staying alive with ken jeong video

Know disco? Ken Jeong and his lovely assistants help teach you how to save a life in an emergency with Hands-Only CPR.
Whose Body Do You Want to Get Your Hands On?

whose body do you want to get your hands on?

Push it—push it real good. Test your Hands-Only CPR skills and find out how to perform CPR with this fun app.

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