Quick Tips for Taking Medications

Updated:Nov 7,2014

Medicine Management

Keeping Track / Developing a System

Keeping track of your prescribed medications can be challenging — especially if you're taking several different medicines. Writing things down will make managing your medications a lot easier. Use our printable medicine tracker to stay organized.

Lowering High Blood Pressure
By treating high blood pressure, you can help prevent a stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and peripheral artery disease. Our printable blood pressure tracker will help you monitor your blood pressure and record suggestions from your doctor.

Manage Everything Online
Heart360 is a one-stop, easy-to-use set of online tracking tools for medications, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, weight and physical activity.  Set goals and track your progress each time you enter your levels.  Print comprehensive reports to share with your healthcare team. And manage accounts for your loved ones as well as yourself.


This content was last reviewed on 04/21/2014.

Interactive Cholesterol Guide

interactive cholesterol guide

Find videos, quizzes, trackers and more with our interactive cholesterol guide. You’ll learn about risk factors, treatment and measurement of cholesterol, along with helpful tips for daily living. You’ll feel empowered to manage your cholesterol.
Or, visit Heart360 to track your cholesterol and other health numbers online.

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Know Your Medicines

Keeping track of your medicines can be overwhelming. Learn what you can do to take all your medicines safely and effectively in this free Digi-mag topic supplement from Heart Insight magazine or in PDF format. Or download the Heart Insight magazine iPad app to access along with all of our regular issues.


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