Prevention & Treatment of Diabetes

Updated:Jan 31,2013

If you have a family history or other risk factors for diabetes or if you have been diagnosed with prediabetes, there are a number of healthy living tips you can follow to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes. If you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, these same tips can slow the progression of the disease.

Many studies show that lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, eating healthy and increasing physical activity can dramatically reduce the progression of type 2 diabetes and are important to controlling type 1 diabetes. These lifestyle changes can help minimize other risk factors as well, such as high blood pressure and blood cholesterol, which can have a tremendous impact on people with diabetes.

In many instances, lifestyle changes must be complemented by a regimen of medications to control blood glucose levels, high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as to prevent heart attack and stroke, which claim the lives of many diabetes patients.

By working with your health care team, you can set personal treatment goals, monitor your critical health numbers, and successfully manage diabetes while preventing complications from diabetes.

Diabetes and Stroke
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Tips for Keeping on Track 
Diabetes requires constant monitoring, especially for those who use insulin. In addition to medication, lifestyle prescriptions must be adhered to. Helpful tips on how to manage medications and lifestyle prescriptions.

Treating Diabetes with Diet and Exercise
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Caregivers and Diabetes

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