Sharon Shields: Walking Toward Inspiration

Updated:Jul 30,2010

Sharon Shields' Personal Story LargeWhen I was 20 years old I woke up from a nap unable to move or talk. My mind was still functioning, but I could not figure out what had happened to me. Why was I paralyzed? The next day, when I finally got to the emergency room, I found out that I had suffered a stroke. 

Twenty years and three children later, as I was picking my youngest son up from school, I started having excruciating chest pains. I drove to the emergency room, knowing and feeling that I was having a heart attack and that every second mattered. 

I am blessed that neither my stroke nor my heart attack had significant long- term effects. The heart attack was a wake-up call to me about diet and exercise. I walk. Walk everywhere. Walk everyday. Power walk. I even walked three AHA-sponsored marathons!

I also talk to everyone I meet about the warning signs and what they can do to help themselves – namely walking. I want to thank each of you for all you do. Without the American Heart Association I may not be here today. Get INSPIRED to make a CHANGE in your life today!

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