Lee's Story: Learning the Art of Stress Reduction

Updated:Jun 13,2011

"When my cardiologist found out that I was working 52 to 55 hours a week, he said, 'Quit.' I shouldn't be working at a job with so much stress. Now I have so many other interests. I'm building my own new Web site on heart failure. Meditation helps too ... and while my background is Dutch Reformed Christian, I love the Eastern philosophies.

"My garden was a love of mine before, but now it is even more dear to me. I just sit on my 'butt' (forgive me) and dig and plant — I can't carry heavy stuff, but it is amazing how people will help. My son and husband have been wonderful ... and my daughter is great, too, but she is in California and we are in northern New Jersey. But I do see her and we've taken vacation trips together.

"People just want to help ... but you have to let them. I can only drive the car locally, but my friends will always pick me up for dinner out or to go to the mall.

"Have a sense of humor. Get a dog! My little Noelle was a Christmas gift from my daughter — eight pounds of love and devotion. And she needs to walk, so she gets me out there."

Heart Failure Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Questions to ask your doctor

Use these questions to ask your doctor about heart failure.

Heart Failure

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