Peggy's Story: Adjusting to Caregiving - It all Takes Time

Updated:Jun 13,2011

Heart Failure Personal Story PhotoDaughter of Christopher Higgins, age 76
East Meadow, New York

Caregivers Guide
"My sister and I both work and have kids, so we switch off days helping my father and taking him to the doctor. I like to be there to hear what the doctor says and let him know how my father is doing. My father has a tendency to say, 'I'm fine,' when he's really not.

"You can't feel guilty if there are days that you just can't be there to help the person. We have a lady come in three days a week to help around the house, heat up meals and so on. We also got my dad a computer so he could go online. We discovered an online shopping service for our area that lets you look at different foods' nutritional content, order what you want, and get it delivered. So now my father can do the shopping that way. He also can look up information about his medications.

I felt disheartened and stressed out at the beginning, thinking that this was the way things were going to be. But things do get better. My father has a more limited lifestyle, but he is more able to do things on his own now."

Heart Failure Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Questions to ask your doctor

Use these questions to ask your doctor about heart failure.

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