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Updated:Sep 4,2014
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Childhood obesity rates are at an all-time high: today, nearly one in three kids and teens in the United States are obese or overweight. We know that physical activity produces overall physical, psychological and social benefits, and that inactive children are likely to become inactive adults. That’s why the American Heart Association and the National Football League have teamed up to create the PLAY 60 Challenge, a program that inspires kids to get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day in school and at home. It also helps schools become places that encourage physically active lifestyles year-round. By leveraging the American Heart Association’s health expertise and the NFL’s commitment to physical fitness, you can help us can achieve our goal of getting kids physically active for 60 minutes every day.

Get started with the PLAY 60 Challenge today by following these four easy steps:

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Step One:  Watch the Teacher Training Videos to learn about the Challenge
The videos explain the 4-week Challenge and gives innovative ideas on how to successfully implement the program. There are also demonstration videos for selected physical activity breaks.  

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Step Two:  Download the Teacher Guide to use during the 4 week Challenge
The Teacher Guide provides you with direction, details and inspiration for implementing the Challenge and how to get your students to participate. Other materials include the Student Game Planner for students to track their physical activity minutes, the Classroom Scoreboard for teachers to post the students minutes in the classroom and the Certificate of Achievement that is given to students for completing the Challenge.

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Step Three:  Register for the Online Tracker to track your students' physical activity minutes
The PLAY 60 Challenge Online Tracker helps you track your students’ physical activity minutes during the 4 week Challenge.  Teachers and students can see how their school compares to other schools across the country using the real time data that is available in the tracker.

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Step Four:  Download the additional Teacher Resources to keep your kids active all year
The resources includes, ideas on how to promote the Challenge within your school in fun and creative ways, more than 60 great subject based lesson plans, over 100 physical activity breaks and homework assignments, take home resources for parents, ideas on how to incorporate physical activity in the classroom year round and much more! 

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The National Football League and the American Heart Association are proud to work together to produce the NFL PLAY 60 Challenge.