Paula Battle walks her way to better health

Updated:Jun 18,2013

Paula Battle in actionPaula Battle walked her way to better health four years ago and is dedicated to helping others do the same. “Walk, Walk, Walk,” she tells everybody. “If you can move, you can walk and be fit.

Paula was just 43 years old when she developed heart attack and stroke symptoms due to extremely high blood pressure. She was overweight, ignored her family history of cardiovascular problems and faced stress in her fast-paced career and busy family life.

She explains: “After several trips to the emergency room I knew I had to get a grip and make some lifestyle changes if I wanted to be around to enjoy my family. On June 19, 2009, I adopted the American Heart Association’s recommendation and started walking 30 minutes a day and vowed not to miss a day. I started eating healthy, walked off 70 pounds and at my last doctor’s appointment my blood pressure was a sweet 117 over 64."

Today, Paula is known as a “fireball” for her many activities promoting healthy lifestyle choices. She was named Go Red For Women Ambassador of the Year for the South Sound region at the recent Go Red luncheon in Lakewood, WA. The award recognizes her commitment to the Go Red mission by raising awareness in the community and inspiring others to take positive action to improve their health.

She leads a group called the “911 Dancers” to educate others about heart attack symptoms and the importance of calling 911. She also puts on walking for fitness exercise classes at a low cost to get more people involved, and she coached participants in our BetterU health makeover program with fitness education. “Walking and making healthy choices every day changed my life -- no, it saved my life,” Paula emphasizes. “That’s why I lead walking classes and embrace the Go Red movement. I want to help other women understand how easy it can be to achieve better health. Just walk!”

Paula is a true Go Red champion. She is proof that a woman can change her life and, in turn, help others. Congratulations, Paula!