Meet the Fats

Updated:Jul 21,2014

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Sure, you’ve heard of them. You’ve probably spotted them on nutrition labels. You may have even read up on them. But how well do you really know the fats? Here’s your chance to get better acquainted with the Fats family: the Bad Fats Brothers and the Better Fats Sisters.

Like any family, the Fats share some common traits. For example, they all give your body energy and they all have 9 calories per gram. But some fats are better than others.

Meet the Bad Fats Brothers, Sat and Trans, and the Better Fats Sisters, Mon and Poly. Find out what they’re like and where they hang out to help you decide how much you want them as your friends.

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Meet the Bad Fats Brothers
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Meet the Better Fats Sisters

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Fats and Oils

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