Tips for Eating at Family Restaurants

Updated:Oct 20,2013


Too tired to cook? When you pack the family off to one of the many mid-priced "family style" restaurants, keep these healthy selections in mind.


  • Avoid dishes with lots of cheese, sour cream and mayonnaise.
  • Instead of fried oysters, or fried fish or chicken, choose boiled spiced shrimp, or baked, boiled or grilled fish or chicken.
  • Choose bread or pita pockets over croissants.
  • Salads make great meals, but be careful of the dressing.
  • Split a large entree with another family member. You’ll save dollars — and calories!
  • Try to avoid all-you-can-eat buffets because you're more likely to eat more than you need.

PE-InsteadofTry PE-TryThis

Cream soups

Broth-based soups with lots of vegetables

Quiche and salad

Soup and salad

Buffalo chicken wings

Peel-and-eat shrimp

Fried chicken sandwich

Blackened chicken sandwich

Chicken fried steak

Veggie burger

French fries or potatoes and gravy

Baked potato; potatoes without gravy; rice without gravy; cooked greens made without salt pork or lard

Creamy coleslaw

Sauteed vegetables or tossed salad

Hot fudge sundae or ice cream

Non-fat yogurt, sherbet or fruit ice

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