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Updated:Dec 2,2014

Happy Woman Holding Up ScaleWhen we take a trip, sometimes we need specific information to reach our destination successfully. In the same way, weight loss is often best accomplished when you have the information you need to reach your goal. The healthiest way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of calories you eat, and increase your daily amount of physical activity over time.

But simply deciding to “eat less” is too subjective for most of us. Eat less than we ate yesterday? Eat less than we want?

Lose weight the smart way — here are some tips to get started:

  1. Know how many calories you need — Visit our Fats and Sodium Explorer. You’ll learn how many calories you need to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. . If you are not happy with your current weight,  and want to drop pounds, learn how to reduce calories without depriving your body of important nutrients for good health. And be sure and weigh in on your activity level. Do you walk once a day? Great! But that doesn’t mean you’re “very active.”
  2. Discover the truth about the calories you eat — Overindulging can take a bite out of your weight-loss plans. Try tracking your eating habits for two days — you’ll learn a lot! And find out if you’re eating too many calories for weight loss.
  3. Find a manageable way to track your eating — The American Journal of Preventive Medicine reports that people who keep a daily food diary lose an average of two times more weight than non-journalers.  Journaling keeps you accountable and helps you work toward your goal.
  4. Use more calories — Take another look at the Fats and Sodium Explorer.  Is there a way you can bump yourself up to the next category? If you have a desk job, can you take calls while you walk around? Maybe you can even learn to type while walking on a treadmill.  It is important to remember that all activities “count” for energy balance. Arm yourself with the facts you need to lose weight, and then set achievable and healthy goals.  Your improved health is worth the investment!
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