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Updated:Oct 28,2014
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We’ve made it really fun and easy for you to raise donations using our cool online tool!  You can set-up your own Jump Rope For Heart Web page with a photo or video and email it to friends and family to ask for their support.  Donations can be made directly to your personal Web page and you can watch your progress!  Be sure to ask your parents for their help.

Join your school team online and you’ll be on your way to making a Web page and saving lives! 

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Would you like to share a message from your heart?  Have an adult help you to record a short, 1- to 3-minute video about healthy eating, being active or how heart disease may have affected someone you love. Upload your video to our site so you can tell your story to boys and girls everywhere!  
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Did you know that thousands of kids are born every year with special hearts, hearts that do not work exactly right?  By doing Jump Rope For Heart, you can help other kids.  Meet some kids we’ve helped and read their special stories. 
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Getting bored with just jumping over a rope?  Check out these neat tricks and stunts you can learn with a jump rope.

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For making a difference and raising donations, the American Heart Association offers great thank-you gifts.  Check your collection envelope or ask your teacher for a list of the thank-you gift levels that you can earn!

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We would love to hear from you.  If you have something to share that can help us, please contact us.

For assistance with your website or online fundraising, contact us online or at 877-824-8531.

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I’ve always known that my heart is different. You have four pieces of your heart and my two bottom pieces are switched. I have to take a pill every night for my heart. Doctors are going to switch the two bottom pieces of my heart around.

Today, I am a normal 10 year old Boy Scout and I love to camp.  Most people do not realize that I have a heart problem until they see my scar.  I may not be able to play sports, but I am able to tell my story to help others.
Brooks, age 10
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Design next years' Jump Rope or Hoops For Heart poster! 
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