Why Planned Giving Donors Have Given

Updated:Feb 26,2015

 Meet Allene Fodor

"To me, giving through a charitable gift annuity is a great way to help charity and yourself or family members," say Allene. "It was easy and I feel so good knowing that I am truly making a difference!"
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Meet Judy Marlow-Ratway

"My aim is to bring stroke awareness out of the shadows and to help others know the signs of stroke, and how to prevent it from occurring."

Meet Bruce and Irene

"I wanted to fund research, in memory of my dear wife, that would help lessen the disease and suffering that claimed the lives of my wife and parents."
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Meet Betty Levinson

"What you give to charity you keep, and what you keep for yourself, you lose."
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Meet George & Theresa Morris

“It’s a win for the American Heart Association and the donor."
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Meet Toni Reel

.."I want to give back to an organization that truly helped me."

Meet Don Joseph

“I’m passionate about the American Heart Association because I believe in the mission.”

Meet Ron & Sunny David

"..our estate could avoid paying taxes when we both passed away."


Find your local planned giving rep and determine the right charitable gifts options for you.