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CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular
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Our Mission

We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:

  • Smoke-free public places
  • More walkable and bikable streets, roads and parks
  • Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
  • Adequate, affordable and available health care for all

American Heart Association
2012-2013 Expenditures

  • Research: 21.7%
  • Public Health Education: 36.8%
  • Professional Education & Training: 14.7%
  • Community Services: 6.1%
  • Management & General: 8.5%
  • Fundraising: 12.2%

American Heart Association Diversity Report

Attached is a copy of the American Heart Association’s 2009-2010 Annual Diversity Report. This report highlights our organization’s successes in the area of diversity with emphasis on cultural competence. The report focuses on our consumer initiatives as well as our internal initiatives. We have broadened the scope of this year’s report to showcase initiatives in each of the Affiliates. Also, we have identified key partnerships, sponsorships and strategic alliances that enhanced our efforts to reach common goals.

We truly hope that you will enjoy this copy of the report. Feel free to share copies with your colleagues and partners.

Diversity Report 2009-2010 (Spread layout)
Adobe PDF, File Size 10.9 MB

Diversity Report 2009-2010 (Single Page layout)
Adobe PDF, File Size 10.9 MB