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  • 41. Heart-Check Mark: Non-Certifiable Foods The American Heart Association explains this list of non-certifiable foods for the Heart-Check mark program.
  • 42. Chef Phillip Dell shares cooking insights Sharing the amazing possibilities for a healthy, tasty diet with those who want to eat better is Chef Phillip Dell?s goal in life. He is an award winning chef who has won top honors at the American Heart Association?s Flavors of the Heart food festival in Las Vegas, NV. He is also a competitive natural bodybuilder and three-time world champion power lifter who shifted to a healthier lifestyle by losing 92 pounds and keeping it off for years.
  • 43. Capital Area Heart Walk Capital Area Heart Walk
  • 44. Volunteers @ Heart - International Connecting the needs of developing countries and underserved areas with AHA resources and volunteers.
  • 45. Jackson County MS Heart Walk Jackson County MS Heart Walk
  • 46. American Heart Association Healthy Family Meals & Sample Recipes The American Heart Association Healthy Family Meals is the one cookbook every family needs. See sample recipes here. See 80 color photographs and 150 recipes in the book.
  • 47. What's In It For Your Clients/Patients and You The American Heart Association helps you learn how the Heart-Check mark supports your efforts to help your clients/patients eat healthy.
  • 48. Central Georgia Heart Walk Central Georgia Heart Walk
  • 49. Common Tests for Congenital Heart Defects The American Heart Association explains the Common Tests for Congenital Heart Defects including Electrocardiogram, ECG, EKG, Chest X-rays, Echocardiogram, Cardiac Catheterization and Angiogram, magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, CT (Computerized Tomography) of the Heart, Transesophageal Echocardiogram, TEE, Special Heart Rhythm Testing, Holter Monitor, Event Monitor, Implantable Event Recorder, Exercise Stress Testing and Electrophysiology Study.
  • 50. Gulf Coast MS Heart Walk Gulf Coast MS Heart Walk

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